What I’ve Learned While Blogging – Time Management

March 26, 2013


Time Management tips

This blog has been a great and exciting venture over the last nine months to say the least. While I thoroughly enjoy bringing you guys the best wealth building and investing advice I can, I wanted to carve out some time to give other bloggers and potential future bloggers some tips I’ve learned up to this point.

Time management is very similar to wealth management in regards to planning. If you don’t have a plan then you are doomed from the absolute beginning. Take it from me, I added a lot of additional stress that was unnecessary and could have been completely avoided by simply having a detailed plan.


In order to have any form of effective time management while blogging it is imperative that you have laser like focus.

There are literally (and I’m not joking) a hundred things at any given time that need to be done on your blog. In fact, all one hundred of them needed to be done yesterday because if you have any hopes of getting your page rank up in Google, Lord knows your site has to be 100% perfect! Now, I understand you are behind the curve and have tons of things to complete but the problem is nothing gets done if you work on one hundred things at once. You must focus on one thing at a time and be calm while you do so, in all honesty everything else should become irrelevant while you work to complete that one task. This is the perfect instance where tunnel vision is allowed and absolutely necessary.

“But what if I’m working on something and discover I need to be working on something else?”

I encounter this almost daily. Like I said before you will ALWAYS have 100 things to do on our blog so this new idea/problem will be #101, simply jot it down on a note card, sticky, or notebook then continue completing the task you set out to complete.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”

- Zig Ziglar


Just like our budgets, accountability is an absolute must. You can have the best budget in the world but what good is it if you don’t hold yourself accountable? Well the same goes for plans and goals! When I first started blogging I wasn’t making a full out attempt to accomplish what I set out to. I mean, I literally had 3-5 views a day, at best!

  • Who cared if I didn’t write a new post for a week straight?
  • Who cared if I didn’t comment on other blogs, my sleep is more important!
  • Why should I read other personal financial blogs?

Accountability breeds responsibility

- Stephen R Covey

My point? If I had kept up with that rational of thinking and didn’t hold myself accountable, my blog would have gone absolutely no where and there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading this today. If you plan on building a brand and/or community it is imperative that you act as if you have a loyal following and provide them the best effort you can.

Actionable Tips

If I could go back in time there are a couple things I would share with myself before I started my blog. These things have helped me become more efficient with my time by leaps and bounds

Linking Gmail accounts: Instead of having to login to bluehost to check and send my emails the best thing I ever did was house everything all in one place. Without going into too much detail I was able to do so this pretty easy. Here’s a quick breakdown

  1. Logged into bluehost and setup all my emails to be forwarded to my gmail account
  2. Created a label titled “Brick By Brick Investing” (Google calls them labels, but you can consider them folders)
  3. Created a filter which automatically sends incoming emails to Brick By Brick Investing to the label I created. This ensures that none of my personal emails gets mixed up with my blog emails.
  4. Last but not least I linked my Brick By Brick Investing email account to my gmail which allows me to send emails as “marvin@brickbybrickinvesting.com” from my gmail account

Content Calendar: I recently stumbled upon this after listening to a podcast with Amy Porterfield. The basic concept is to construct a content calendar at least 2 weeks out. In my case I constructed one that is 4-6 weeks out. This allows me to take all of those ideas I wrote down on sticky notes or in a notepad and create content .

Weekly Schedule: I can guarantee that life would be less stressful if you limited the amount of decisions you had to make on a daily basis. Instead of beginning every single trying to decide what you’re going to do or accomplish, create a weekly schedule. It doesn’t have to be too detailed but should be a rough blueprint of what you would like to complete. For example:

  • Monday Morning: Check emails
  • Wednesday Evening: Read & comment on other blogs in your niche
  • Thursday All Day: Create content
  • Friday Afternoon: SEO management

If you know what lies ahead for the day I believe it is far easier to stay focused and motivated.

What tips or advice do you implement for time management efficiency on your blog?

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10 Responses to “What I’ve Learned While Blogging – Time Management”

  1. My Financial Independence Journey Says:

    I probably need to make a weekly schedule. Right now I find that I’m doing all kinds of different blogging activities all at once. So far it’s working, but I’m not sure how sustainable it really is.

    I do have a content calender. And I always have at least a week or two worth of posts scheduled and ready to go just in case something comes up and takes me away from the blog. I might not be always be able to comment and interact, but at least I’ll still be publishing content regularly.


  2. John S @ Frugal Rules Says:

    Great tips Marvin! I could not agree more on there seeming to be 100 things to work on, it seems like it can just mount at times. My biggest takeaway from blogging so far is to create an editorial calendar. When I started I just wrote what was in my mind and was too aimless. Now, I have a calendar two months out with the dates filled with the post I’ll publish that day. That gives great freedom to know I do not have to scramble to come up with something. The other benefit is that if something does come to my mind that I just have to write I can just move a post down the line. That said, I need to come up with a more firm weekly schedule so I handle certain things on certain days.


    • Marvin Says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one John. My goal is to strive to have a 3 month out calendar of content. For some reason writing recently clicked for me and I feel like I can pump out an article on something I’m passionate about in 30 minutes. The other time sucker is configuring it for SEO, but that’s a whole other beast!


  3. krantcents Says:

    Good advice! I like to stay ahead of any deadlines and have 1-2 weeks articles waiting to be published at any time. I used to have as many as 4 weeks worth of articles and I am trying to get back to that cushion.


    • Marvin Says:

      That cushion is a lifesaver and I have noticed the stress levels in my house subsiding. Mrs Brick By Brick certainly has =)


  4. Martin Says:

    Marvin, these are great tips. As soon as I decided to take my blog up to date and shape it I started realizing some of the things you are mentioning. Some are new to me, like the calendar. So far i was doing it on an irregular basis, which sometimes took a lot of my time. But I am getting in there to stay focused and organized.
    Great post man!


    • Marvin Says:

      Thanks for the compliments Martin. I was also doing the irregular posting, there is nothing wrong with it but for my sanity I had to move towards a content calendar.


  5. FI Fighter Says:


    Blogging definitely requires excellent time management skills. I’ll agree, it’s very rewarding, but can be very demanding too. I think the pros outweigh the cons though. I felt like I had to take a break, myself, but I’m feeling a bit recharged now.

    Thanks for the tips. I hope I can apply them and keep the focus.


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