Wealth Building Bricks – Session #6

March 9, 2013


Still no baby, but as you know we have the induce date set for the 13th which is this coming Wednesday! With the whole “sequestration” debacle I only saw it fitting to feature this video. A co worker of mine said this young boy was a politician in the making, I thought it was a little much, but couldn’t help but crack a smile. Enjoy your weekends!

How To Take An Incredible And Cheap Safari by Untemplater

Taking The Plunge: How To Build A Client Base For Your Small Business by Frugal Rules

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage If You Could? by Retire By 40

How To Lose A  Million Dollars And Live to See Another Day by Financial Samurai

Better Know A Millionaire Investor – Pejman Ghadimi by The College Investor

McDonald’s Dividend Stock Analysis by FI Journey

Wealth: One Word Many Definitions by Frugal Path

Wealth Inequality In America By Investor Junkie

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage ASAP? by Life & My Finances

Why You Don’t Feel Wealthy With Stocks At Record Highs by Financial Samurai

I am Broke by Krant Cents

Do You Pay Your Fair Share by Hello Suckers

Investment Processs – Stock Filter by Dividend Growth Stock Investing

How To Get Your Dream Job by Thirty Six Months

College Survival For Vets Podcast by College Survival For Vets

Guest Post Changing In An Online World by My Multiple Incomes

Here’s to our Wealth!

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21 Responses to “Wealth Building Bricks – Session #6”

  1. Justin@TheFrugalPath Says:

    I watched the video before I read the comments and I was thinking the something. He’s going to be our president someday. Have a great weekend and I wish you luck with the baby. And thanks for the mention.


  2. John S @ Frugal Rules Says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Marvin! Good luck with the delivery this week!


    • Marvin Says:

      Thanks John, we’re pumped and as ready as we can be! Keep in mind this is coming from the guy who is just doing the cheer leading while my wife does the heavy lifting.


  3. Dan Mac Says:

    Thanks for the article mention Marvin! Good luck this week and make sure you stop checking your website stats and enjoy your family!


    • Marvin Says:

      haha, this week will be the exception Dan. I doubt you guys will see me for at least a couple days after the baby is born ;-)


  4. krantcents Says:

    Thanks for the links, I am in good company. Best of luck with the new addition, they grow up fast.


    • Marvin Says:

      Thanks Krant! They do grow up fast, our daughter is almost 2 and I remember having her in the hospital like it was yesterday.


  5. Martin Says:

    Marvin, thanks for mention! I had nice morning today! I didn’t run to the computer the first thing after getting up!


    • Marvin Says:

      Ha! Glad to hear it Martin, with the amount of success your blog has been having I know that must have been hard. Looking forward to you crushing that Alexa mark.


  6. Derek@LifeAndMyFinances Says:

    Thanks for the mention! I had a great time writing that article about paying/not paying off the mortgage! Loved all the comments! :)


  7. KC @ genxfinance Says:

    Oh no, caught red-handed and still a no? Lol, so cute. Yup, He’ll make a good president alright. He looks kinda guilty though.


  8. The College Investor Says:

    Thanks for the mention this week!


  9. Untemplater Says:

    Thanks for the mention Marvin and best of luck with the birth this week! It must be hard waiting knowing that it’s coming so soon!


  10. Mitchell Clark Says:

    To create good measures of wealth, various methods can be applied by an individual. It all depends upon the tricks and the tactics that a person adopts with respect to wealth creation. By having an open mind and by being ready to various possibilities, accumulation of good wealth in a lifetime is possible. However, an individual needs to take special care when it comes to the management of the accumulated wealth.


  11. Marvin Says:

    I agree, wealth needs to be understood and managed properly.


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