Wealth Building Bricks — Session #1

February 3, 2013


Welcome to the first edition of Wealth Building Bricks. This blog has been an absolute roller coaster of a journey to say the least. I’ve made some amazing relationships since this blog’s inception and a lot of them have come from reading epic content I’ve found on the web. There were a lot of great posts this week. As you sit back to relax this weekend I would encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy them as much as I did!

I’d like to “Kick Off” your morning with some joy by sharing a video that brought some to mine. Enjoy!


The Lies of Manhood: Looking For Worth In The Wrong Places by Fearless Men

Cut Your Tax Bill With Dividends by Get Financially Integrated

How To Spend Lots Of Money, Feel Good, And Not Give A Damn by Financial Samurai

What Would You Do? by Money Counselor

Tips For Promoting Your Blog Through Email Marketing by Thirty Six Months

Real Life Confessions of A Stay At Home Mom by Money Master Mom

The Benefits Of A Mortgage Free Retirement by The Frugal Path

The Best Exercise You Can Do by Resilient Communities

How To Pay Little To No Taxes by Financial Samurai

5 Easy Ways To Save Money Lost Due To The Payroll Tax Increase by Frugal Rules

Adaptu Closes Its Door: Business Lessons And Alternatives by Untemplater

The Secret Financial Weapon Nobody Uses by The College Investor

Here’s to our Wealth!

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19 Responses to “Wealth Building Bricks — Session #1”

  1. Kurt @ Money Counselor Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my “What Would You Do?” post! Cute video…


  2. The College Investor Says:

    Thanks for the mention! Here’s to wealth!


  3. Integrator Says:

    A nice set of posts here. Thanks for including me also!


  4. John S @ Frugal Rules Says:

    Thanks much for the mention Marvin, I appreciate it a lot!


  5. Justin@TheFrugalPath Says:

    Thanks for the mention Marvin. Loved the video. It’s great video. That girl had so much emotion.


  6. Todd @ Fearless Men Says:

    Wow that is the cutest girl in the video!! Man, to feel that childlike joy again. It’s like she herself won the Super Bowl!

    Thanks for giving us top billing in your roundup! Glad you found the “Lies of Manhood” insightful and challenging.


    • Marvin Says:

      She really did look like she won the superbowl! The joy, the tears, priceless. Thanks for writing some inspiring stuff at your site Todd. I look forward to following you guys.


  7. Savvy Scot Says:

    Very Nice Roundup Marvin!


  8. Untemplater Says:

    Cute video. Thanks for the mention Marvin. Hope you have a great week!



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