October Income 2012

October 31, 2012

Income Report

“Start doing the things you don’t want to do”

This has been plastered in the front of my mind this month. Everyday I have been attempting to accomplish the things that I do not want to do. Some of the difficulties of creating a blog is that there are FAR TOO MANY things you can do within your blog. Numerous plug-ins, widgets, designs, SEO, etc. The “Drinking from a firehose” analogy pales in comparison to what it is actually like.

Wearing two hats, one as an investor and the other as a blogger has been a civil war, with the battlefield being my time.  It is definitely a challege but I have to work harder and longer if I want to succeed. I now stay up after my family goes to sleep to do research or create content for this site. One thing that has helped TREMENDOUSLY is logging out of my email while working. I don’t know why it makes such a difference, but all I know is I accomplish a lot more tasks and do not feel as overwhelmed.

In the coming weeks I plan on creating Epic Shitfor my readers and subscribers. This content will include SPECIFIC…

  • “How to” posts
  • Ebook for my subscribers
  • Investing Curriculumn
  • Worksheets
  • In depth scenarios

I have come to realize that..

  • Number 1: You as my reader deserve the best content that I can possibly create and “do it yourself” shortcuts will not suffice.
  • Number 2: I am better than a mediocre blogger and need to start acting like it!

Additionally I have been waiting until the start of the new year to set goals for this website but I have a full 60 days before then, and that time should not be wasted. With that said, I have taken the plunge and joined the Yakezie challenge!

Yakezie is a is a blog network founded by the author of Financial Samurai. Its members are considered the heavy hitters in the financial blogging realm and strive to selflessly help others.

The challenge is a 6 month test to see if you have what it takes to breach the 200,000 Alexa mark. Wish me luck!

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I have spent a great amount of time analyzing my proprietary trading strategy for covered calls which I plan to turn into a investment newsletter service in the Fall of 2013. One of the first places I plan to go to brainstorm my business model is The New Rules Of Investing written by Zack Miller.

One of the other metrics that I would like to start showing on a monthly basis is my google analytics report. Simply put this report tracks the number of people who have visited my site, “Unique Visitors” (Visitors counted only once), and page views. I find these metrics to be humbling and a good gauge of my progress as I continue to grow this site.


That is it for this month! Hope everyone on the east coast that endured Hurricane Sandy is well and recovering.

Here’s to our wealth!


Days Without Incident: 9

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11 Responses to “October Income 2012”

  1. The College Investor Says:

    I totally understand where you’re coming from as a blogger and investor. I personally started writing a weekly market newsletter, but over time felt like I was regurgitating the same stuff over and over again. I finally had to refocus and think about what I wanted to write about and what I wanted my blog to be about.

    I still have lots of ideas, and am rolling them out as time permits. If only there were 36 hours in a day!

    Good luck with your epic shit. It is totally worth it! Your blog will thank you for it in the end. Just don’t try to over-exert yourself right away, because so much of what you want to do takes so much time.


    • Marvin Says:

      Thanks for the tips and advice. I do wish there were 36 hours in a day! I’ve been trying to cut back on my sleep supplementing with Monster energy drinks but my body just couldn’t keep up!


  2. Financial Samurai Says:

    Good luck with your blogging journey! Nice trading income!



  3. Jon Rhodes Says:

    You are totally right about what you should produce on your blog – epic content! Too many bloggers write too many short pointless posts in the hope of pleasing the search engines. It’s a far better strategy to write longer more in depth posts that pleases people.

    Good luck with the Yakezie challenge!


    • Marvin Says:

      Thanks! Epic content is going to be my main focus this month it will be interesting to see the traffic it brings to the site.


  4. John S @ Frugal Rules Says:

    Welcome to Yakezie. It’s a great challenge I think. I agree with your statement about drinking from a fire hose really breaking down. There’s just so much to do with a blog and there does not seem to be enough time in the day to do it all. Great goal on providing epic material for your readers. I have been grappling with that myself. I think it’s what can really help set you apart and not just be another PF blog. SEO has it’s place, but you want to provide something for your reader base that will help them and at the same time bring them back.


  5. OnlineMarketingandConsulting Says:

    Hey Marvin,

    I’m enjoying reading your monthly income reports and look forward to the growth of your blog. If anyone can learn SEO as well you are that person! I am laughing a little as I picture a dark room, everyone asleep and the only light is your laptop screen as you’re up typing away at midnight.




  6. Janine (My Pennies, My Thoughts) Says:

    Just stumbled upon your site! Love it, can’t wait for future posts!


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