Building Wealth: Wounded Warrior Project

March 13, 2013



“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”

            – Moliere

As many of you know but some may not I served in the United States Army for a number of years and cannot articulate the way it changed my life and the opportunities I was afforded because of that experience. However I’m not here to talk about myself today. I want to introduce you to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Quite simply this organization aims to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.

Short Story

A buddy of mine was on patrol in Iraq when his squad was hit with an improvised explosive device (IED). The attack left my friend severely injured and resulted in him having to be medevac’d to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. This is the nearest medical center for wounded soldiers coming from the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of operation. Upon arriving at Landstuhl and trying to grip with the reality of his injuries my friend found himself figuratively alone. Of course the doctors and staff there were very welcoming and professional but they had other patients and couldn’t focus solely on him. Additionally his family hadn’t arrived and the brothers he had come to love in his unit were still on the front lines. For those of you who are not familiar with the military, your unit is like your second family, a family away from home. He had none of his belongings, everything that he had been given was standard issue, of course this was the least of his worries but what he told me next blew me away.

A representative from WWP came to his room introduced himself and spoke to him like nobody had before. Up until then the only interaction he had was with doctors and nurses, I hate to say this because doctors and nurses are phenomenal but it’s almost as if they have no choice but to interact with you. The WWP rep was a volunteer and for some reason made it all the more meaningful. Additionally the WWP brought a gift to my buddy, a backpack filled with (as he put it) “Awesome Sh*t!”

How To Contribute

I have to be honest, I try to steer away from conversations like these, I know I shouldn’t but it’s just my natural reaction. It’s hard to hear about someone’s misfortune and intimate feelings during that time. Who knows, maybe it’s not hard for you, but it definitely is for me. With that said, my friend looked me right in the eyes and told me this was one of the most meaningful gifts he has ever received because it was at a time when he needed encouragement the most.

One of my 2013 goals was to contribute $200 to the WWP. I recently purchased one of the backpacks my friend received and plan to purchase another one as my online income keeps increasing. I can only hope that the backpack I purchased has a similar effect on a servicemember in need.

Please let me be clear, I in no way shape or form am compensated for recommending the Wounded Warrior Project. I wouldn’t even accept money from them if they did approach me for advertising. I currently don’t have any advertisements on my site, I don’t engage in spamming you with ads (nothing against those who do) and don’t plan on posting any in the near future. My main goal has been to provide you all with great content and build a community. However, this is one endeavor that I truly believe in and have seen first hand the effects it has on our servicemembers.

If you are looking for a charity to contribute to for 2013 I highly recommend the Wounded Warrior Project. You can provide comfort for an injured soldier with a donation of $1 to however charitable you would like.

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.”
— Muhammad (570 – 632 CE)

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32 Responses to “Building Wealth: Wounded Warrior Project”

  1. John S @ Frugal Rules Says:

    I’ve heard about this through my Stepdad who served in the Army as well. I think it’s an awesome idea and one that probably does not get the attention it deserves. Thanks for sharing it Marvin!


    • Marvin Says:

      It’s an awesome organization. Next time you speak with your Step Dad please thank him for his service for me.


  2. JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit Says:

    It’s a shame how poorly the veterans are treated by our government. The WWP is a great charity and is on the top of the list for my contributions this year.


    • Marvin Says:

      I remember when the Walter Reed Scandal came out I was BEYOND furious. Glad to hear it’s on the top of your list JC, I can tell you without a doubt penny you contribute means something.


  3. Kim@Eyesonthedollar Says:

    I can’t imagine being in that situation. Thanks goodness for this organization. Anyone willing to put their lives on the line for military service deserves way more than this, but it sounds like a very positive thing during a terrible experience.


  4. Kurt @ Money Counselor Says:

    Let’s hope one day there won’t be a need for organizations like Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks for your service, Marvin.


  5. Jim Says:

    Great Post Marvin, love the Wounded War Project, thanks for promoting it! I am a Air Force Veteran, kudos to you for serving in the Army! Hope all is well with your friend.


    • Marvin Says:

      Thank you and thanks for serving Jim. My parents were both in the Air Force and flew off the handle when I told them I was joining the Army ;-)


  6. John @ Fearless Men Says:

    Marvin, Awesome article! I actually went to Landstuhl to but for an injury related to training. I remember one day guys coming in from Iraq. For some they fall asleep forward deployed and then wake up in a hospital bed with their life changed permanently. For some it’s like your identity gets taken away. It’s very sad and they need all the encouragement and help they can get. One of my friends went through Wounded Warrior for a few months and said it helped him a lot. Also to be around other guys going through the same experience helped because you just feel like a different man after major combat injuries.


    • Marvin Says:

      Permanent life changes indeed John. I’ve heard the same thing from multiple friends, one friend told me that WWP actually saved his life because he couldn’t imagine living the rest of his life with the injuries he had. As I’m sure you know, the numbers of wounded veterans are never really publicized. It’s always the KIA, but there are a significant number of wounded veterans out there who need all the help they can get.


  7. Mo' Money Mo' Houses Says:

    Oh wow, that sounds like a great project! Sounds like it helps lots of people who need it the most.


  8. Justin@TheFrugalPath Says:

    I’ve never heard of this project. My wife’s work has made similar backpacks for military units to give to children in war affected areas.
    This is something I’ll look into because it’s important to support those who are willing to stand up for their country.


    • Marvin Says:

      It’s refreshing to hear about your wife’s work donating and contributing Justin. Thank you, I believe once you look into it you will definitely be touched and inspired more than you ever thought you could. Some of the videos are almost unbearable to watch yet so moving.


  9. Untemplater Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t heard of WWP before this. I’m glad there are programs like this that really can make a difference in peoples lives! I donated my old cellphone to a cellphone for soldiers program a few years ago. I didn’t know much about that program, but it seemed like a great cause.


  10. Marvin Says:

    I’m glad as well. Thank you for your past contribution to soldiers every little bit helps!


  11. My Wealth Desire Says:

    Thank you bring this topic to us, actually this is my first time, I heard this organization. I believe we have also obligation to share or to contribute what we have. We have to trim our wealth in order to grow new leaves or buds of wealth.


    • Marvin Says:

      It was my pleasure to make the introduction! Once you become acquainted with the WWP I believe you won’t find any other organization in the same class.


  12. Jose Says:

    Awesome post, I am a huge supporter of the wounded warrior project. I found out about it when a friend of mine died early last year. His family advised that mourners should contribute to the wounded warrior project rather than send flowers. I’ve been a supporter ever since. Thanks for an excellent post!


    • Marvin Says:

      Sorry to hear about your friend Jose and thank you for sending donations to WWP. The loss of a love one is always tough but I truly admire your friend’s family for asking donations be sent to WWP instead of them, a truly selfless act.


  13. Martin Says:

    Marvin, this is a great post and it touches me a lot. The US nation is the only one willing to fight for others freedom (as well as ours) and that is something incredible and I truly honor you guys who served in military. Thanks for bringing this up in a manner of a personal experience. I knew about WWP, but I considered their donation requests as scam as bunch of others out there. Your short story changed my mind and opinion on them.

    If you agree, I would like to repost your article on me web in its full entirety and add link to WWP as well. Let me know.


    • Marvin Says:

      Not a problem Martin it was my pleasure. Absolutely, please share as much as you can. The more soldiers we can help the better, thank you for passing the word Martin!



    I did not even know this organization existed so thanks. Our veterans have given so much to our country and continue to do so. It is good to know this organization is out there. Thanks for the information.



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